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Vesta Kozo MDI-1 (Midi <->CV Converter)

MIDI BOX / Midi <-> CV Interface

Vesta Kozo MDI-1 Midi <-> CV Interface

bullet I actually had this for a short while in 2003, but decided it's not suitable for me, and hence sold it in 2004.
bulletThe Vesta Kozo MDI-1 is a strange Midi / CV Interface, made in Japan, in 1985.
There are a few unique things it can do.
bulletCV is 1V/Oct and it has this odd Trigger IN input (converts Trigger to MIDI?!)...
bulletOriginally designed to use with Vesta's DIG-420 Sampler/Delay but also can work for any 1V/Oct synths.
bulletAlthough I don't have this anymore, but I did take some photos and have some info and files on it. Again, there is not much info if you google on the MDI-1, so I am keeping this page and files here for anyone who needs info or who's just picked up one of these.


Front Panel
The front panel is very basic. One TUNE knob, one select switch with scroll thru the 5 different modes and a small hole for trimmer adjust

Rear Panel

Power Switch, MIDI In/Thru Sockets (and IN/OUT select slider)
Three jack sockets for TRIGGER IN and TRIGGER OUT and CV OUT.

Plus a flying mains lead!




MDI-1 Details...

The signal diagram printed on the front panel:

bulletSo the CV out is limited to 3V, which is 3 octaves.





Other Links on the Vesta Kozo MDI-1

bulletVACCA STRACCA Electronic Studio has an MDI-1 page with some photos. page is in Italian.



C Y 's files on the Vesta Kozo MDI-1

MDI-1 Sound On Sound
Article PDF
bulletA 3 page Article from UK Sound On Sound Magazine, which explains most functions of the MDI-1, handy for not having the manual.
MDI-1 Electronic Musician ''Application'' Article PDF
bulletAnother 2 page article from USA Electronic Musician Magazine.




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