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S y c o l o g i c   A M I
Analog to MIDI Interface

Sycologic AMI Analog to Midi Interface

The Sycologic AMI is an 8 channel CV-Gate to Midi Converter!
Yes, that's right. It is CV -> to -> MIDI. And it's 8 channels.
But there's more. it also does CLOCK -> Midi Clock translation.
Plus there are 8 Controls Inputs that can be mapped to some Midi CC Parameters.



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I got this, I think around 2003. 2nd hand obviously.
This thing is actually very rare. If you google on this, there isn't much info available.
The year (on the photocopied manual that I got) says 1984. So this appeared around the transition period when MIDI was first introduced and starting to get popular.
There have been times I wanted to sell this. To be honest, it hardly ever got used.
But the thing is, since this is so hard to find, and I am not 100% sure if I would ever need this again or if I'd ever regret selling this, I decided in the end, that I should keep it.
I think Syco Systems/Sycologic did 3 or 4 products:
AMI Analog to Midi Interface
PSP 8 channel Drum Triggers or Audio to Midi Interface
M16 Simple 16x16 Midi I/O Patchbay/Switcher (+ M16R, remote),
designed by EMS's Richard Monkhouse
MI4 Simple 4x4 Midi Patchbay/Switcher
MX1  Memory Expansion board for Yamaha DX7
M48 Realworld Sycologic M48, 16 in / 48 out Midi Router
Syco / Sycologic was a company setup by Peter Gabriel and his cousin Steve
, distributing Fairlight CMI.
There aren't a lot of CV->Midi converters around in the market today.
I think Doepfer does one in the A-100 series, I think the A-192 Voltage-to-MIDI Interface CVM16, which is 16 CVs to midi Controllers only, costs around £105.
Also Analogue Systems does another one, the RS-300, which is 8 channel, but just purely 8 CV/Gates to MIDI plus some LFO conversions, and it's £340 / US$650.
Both of these are modules, and not standalone.
The AMI does more than 8 CV/Gates, it also has 8 Control Inputs + Sync Clock, all in 2u 19'' rackmount!



The AMI Overview
The AMI has a very simple panel interface.

On the front left are 8 CVs and 8 Gates jack socket inputs.

On the right are 4 buttons, a simple LED number display and also another 8 jack socket inputs for the additional Dynamics & Control Inputs.

At the rear, on the left are the Sync inputs - yes, the AMI accepts CLOCK INPUTS!
And then there's the MIDI OUT.

On the right at the back, is the simple IEC socket and fuse holder.
I suppose only thing missing is a Power Switch!!



The AMI can operate in different modes:
POLY Control of 8 Voices over MIDI
DUAL Control of 4 Voices over 2 MIDI Channels
MONO Control of 1 Voices over 8 MIDI Channels
In addition, the modes can operate in either ''with Dynamics'' or ''With Controls'' where the extra 8 CV inputs can be used to control Dynamics of each note event, patch changes or modulations (Midi CC's):
  1. Common Dynamics for inputs 1 - 8
  2. Patch Changes from 1 - 64 (using patch per semitone method)
  3. Pitch Bend Upwards
  4. Modulation
  5. After Touch
  6. DX Volume (ie Midi CC#7 Midi Volume)
  7. DX Portamento (ie Midi Portamento)
  8. DX Breath Control (ie Midi Breath Controller)
In Dual mode, these are split onto 2 adjacent channels, 1-4 on one midi channel and 5-8 on the next.
The 2 Sync inputs (Start/Stop and Clock) can be used to convert 24, 48, 96 beats per quarter notes (ppqn) to MIDI CLOCK!!
The Start/Stop is for use with Roland equipment
I suppose, with suitable wiring, this beast can do DIN Sync to Midi Clock conversion!





C Y 's files on the Sycologic AMI

Manual PDF

bullet This is my scanned AMI User Manual in Acrobat PDF
Note: 1.96Mb file





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