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Modulus Electronics Midi2SDS I / II
(Midi-to-Trigger Converters)


Midi2SDS I Midi2SDS II



Modulus MIDI2SDS I/II Midi Trigger Kit

bulletWhile searching for Midi-to-Trigger units, I came across Paul Maddox's Modulus Electronics site.
bulletThe Midi2SDS is a Midi to Drum Trigger board that offers 8 +ve Trigger Outputs.
bulletThese 8 triggers are Velocity->CV sensitive.

It has a brilliant Midi Learn function, so any of the 8 triggers can be assigned to any midi note / any midi channel.


Paul sells the pre-programmed MEGA8 Rom and the PCB, he's a very nice guy and it's a very economical solution.

bulletThe original Midi2SDS I PCBs were sold out, now replaced with the Midi2SDS II.
bulletMidi2SDS II adds 8 LEDs
bulletI came across the Mdi2SDS I at the end of 2003 when i was looking for an 8 channel Midi Trigger to drive my Analogue Solution Concussor 78-808 Drum Rack. So I ordered the ROM and built it using stripboard/veroboard!
bulletIn Spring 2004, Paul brought out the updated version, the Midi2SDS II. I ordered a few of these so to install into my Tama Techstar TS-305 and other electronic drum kits i am building.
Trust me, Paul knows his designs - i mean afterall he did design the very complex Oakley PolyDAC - a 4 channel Midi-to-CV converter!



Since the boards ran out, I had to do this on a stripboard.
Since the MEGA 8 and the Maxim 529 chips are 28-pin and 20-pin DIL/DIPs, the stripboard becomes quite large (50x20).

As I was planning to put this inside a 3u rackmount, so size is not a big matter.

The Midi Velocity -> Trigger CV is perfect for the Analogue Solution Concussor drum modules. As the AS modules are CV sensitive, the higher the CV voltage, it'd trigger the accented sounds.
More info will appear here when i eventually finish the rack....



Midi2SDS II is the 2nd generation of Modulus Electronics excellent Midi-to-drum trigger kit.
Version2 provides 8 triggers along with individual LEDs and also Velocity-to-CV.

Double sided PCB, only 24 components to solder....

Only takes like 1/2 an hour to build and you can't really go wrong.



Just press the LEARN button, LED will flash.
Press a midi note, it would learn (and trigger that sound).
On the Midi2SDS I, the LED would then flash twice every 2 seconds, showing it is waiting for trigger two's assignment.
On the Midi2SDS II, the next LED then lights up flashing. Press the next midi note and it will learn, learn, learn!!!



The 1st Midi2SDS II I built went into my Tama Techstar TS-305.



Other Links on the Midi2SDS

bullet Paul Maddox's Modulus Electronics of course





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