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Analogue Solutions / Phobos Synapse
Programmable Patch Panel/Router Matrix for Analog Modular Synths


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Synapse is basically a Midi controlled Matrix Patch Panel for analogue modular synths.



This one was actually the last Synapse sold by Analogue Solutions.
I got it because it's the last one, and they don't make this anymore.
However due to my work and all other stuff I need to deal with
I haven't been able to get round setting up my modular yet
and the Synapse has been sitting around for quite some time.

So in June 2005, I have finally decided to let it go and sell it.  



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Here, you can see the LEDs on the matrix lit up if a connection is made.
All connections are madeinside the Synapse,
you select what is patched to what by the buttons & knobs.



Front Panel Details

On the left is an LED matrix, which is just like those PIN Matrix
as found in very early analogue synths like EMS VCS3/AKS, Maplins 5600 modulars or the recent Analogue Solution's own Vostok synth.
Difference is, the matrix on the Synapse is actually an LED matrix
for indicating what's been patched to what.
But, this is not a pinned matrix. No pins required!

In the middle, what'd we have?
2 Rotary knobs for quick assign and MIDI In/Out/Thru.

On the right there's a patchbay where you connect
the Synpase's in/outs to your analogue modular.
Then you can do all your patchings within the Synapse,
plus stored up to 128 programs,
that can be completely recalled by Midi program changes.

Buttons... Sockets...

On the left, on top of the LED matrix,
here are the burrons for doing the patching and storing the presets.
Everything is done with these buttons along with he 2 rotary knobs.

Each socket also have a white label area, just like a patchbay,
where you can write & indicate what you've connected.


More Specs

Here is the Brief Overview from the manual:

16 x 16 matrix patch panel.
16 inputs and 16 outputs:
Any of the inputs can be patched to any of the outputs.
The signal patch is entirley analogue; no DSP!
The patch settings are digitally controlled and are stored in non-volatile memory.
Patch edit via rotary potentiometers.
128 program memories can be changed via MIDI progam change
MIDI Midi controller editing of programs
SYSEX System Exclusive program transfer (send and receive)
Buffered In/Outs: All inputs and outputs are fully buffered
White boxes by each socket: so socket function can be written in with a suitable pen (just like a patchbay)
Drum Sequencing: If you apply a sequencial pulse to each of the 16 inputs
then you could patch the outputs for drum sequencing!
LEDs: 256 super-bright red indicators LED Matrix
Jack sockets: 32 Jack sockets (3.5mm, mono)
MIDI Sockets: In, Out, Thru
Power: Requires +12V / -12V / +5V,
Doepfer style connector
(2 PSU slots required)
Dimensions: 84HP, 3U.
Will fit in a standard Doepfer style case.



The Heart of the Synapse

Rear of the LED Matrix and the main PCB. Socket in/out PCBs.



This Synapse is now sold to Shawn at Analogue Haven, USA.


C Y 's files on the Analogue Solutions Synapse

Manual PDF

bullet This is the Synapse User Manual Acrobat PDF
Note: 280k file





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