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Roland MC-202 Rack (Midi-fied)
Some Very Rough Soundz

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Some Rough MC-202 Soundz

Well, the sound filez here won't really justify a 202. They're just some quickie's, some dossing around. All files are based on a test looped sequence, in this case, just a silly o electronic octave bassline.

So these files are somewhat raw, and somehow, the MP3s can't actually capture the full sonic quality of them... so please excuse the quality...

Basic Stuff
bullet 1 -  202 Basic VCO - Square/Pulse + Saw + Sub Osc
Just the simple stuff.... nearly every synth can do this....
a/ Square/Pulse -> b/ Saw Added -> c/Sub-Oscillator added
bullet 2 -  202 Basic VCO + PWM
Same o stuff, this time with the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) turned up.
The more PWM, the more 2-Unlimited... or was it Eurythmics?
bullet 3 - 202 VCF Tweaks1
Tweaking the Filter Cut-Off
bullet 4 - 202 VCF Tweaks2
Again, tweaking the Filter Cut-Off, more RESONANCE added (actually, probably turned right up!)

Mod Stuff
bullet 5 - 202 VCO + TRIANGLE
Basic stuff but 2nd round with the VCO TRI [from the CEM3340] added. Kinda add a fuller / fatter / rounder mid-low end.
bullet 6 - 202 Feedback
1st round: no feedback, just the basic filter with very high resonance.
2nd round: Feedback added. Notice that the extra resonance harmonics creeping up... I suppose it helps to get the resonance to self-osc a lot more...
bullet 7 - 202 OverDrive1
With the Overdrive1 turned right up, and Resonance pretty high, when the Filter Cut-off closes, it distorts it in a pretty nasty way...  I suppose, with careful tweaking, this could sound a bit like a distorted TB-303.
bullet 8 - 202 OverDrive2
Again, tweaking the Filter Cut-Off, with high Resonance, this time with OverDrive2 cranked right up. (I think this is the one across R147.) It's a more severe / nasty distortion, sounds a bit like the distortion on an MAM MB33II.
bullet 9 - 202 OverDrive1+2
Tweaking the Filter Cut-Off, with both Overdrive1 & OverDrive2 cranked right up. So much clipping going on in the distorted VCA....
bullet 10 - 202 OverDrive + Feedback
OverDrive + Feedback. Can go pretty mad, but sweeping the filter can produce various results....
bullet 11 - 202 Accent VCF
This is just to demo the Accent VCF in use. The normal sound has a low Filter Cut-Off setting. When the Accent VCF turns on, it jumps to a higher filter value.

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Well, basically that's it...just some raw stuff...

By no means do these filez represents the full power of the MC-202, it can of course do much much more.



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