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Roland MC-202 Rack (Midi-fied)
MODS 1 - Sockets - Proper CV/Gate

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This MC-202 came with the Analogue Solution Modular Upgrade, which provides 20 sockets on an external attached box. The sockets are as followed:
CV OUTs: ENV,  LFO Triangle, LFO Sine
CV INs: CV, Gate, PWM, VCF, VCA, Acc, Portamento, Mod
AUDIO OUTs: Saw, Sqr/Pulse, SubOsc 1, SubOsc 2, SubOsc 3, SubOsc Mix, VCA
This is an expensive socket kit, costs something like £200+ - in a way, I don't feel it is worth this money.
Looking at the schematics, most of these can actually be done quite easily.
NOTE: It seems like they have lowered the price for this modular upgrade to something around £120... still quite expensive though...


The MC-202 does have CV/Gate In's and out's. However, it's a known problem that the CV/Gate Inputs have slight problems, since many data are actually quantised before they reach the Synth section. This is because the CV/Gate In's are routed and pass through the internal sequencer CPU then out back to the synth.
If you're not rackmounting the MC-202 (like I'm doing here), then you'd need to wire a few more wires for the bypasses. Bear in mind that: we'll be patching the proper CV/Gate AFTER the internal sequencer, so bypasses are needed if u require the internal sequencer CV/Gate to pass thru.
See below...

1. Proper CV IN

The actual CV Out from the internal sequencer is located at PIN 12 of I.C.15.
You can cut the PCB track, and use a switching circuit...

IC15 is located on the right of the rectangular cut in the middle of the PCB (face from top/component side), bottom left of the ACCENT Pot, right top corner of the LCD Display area.

So, facing from the PCB Track side....

2. Proper GATE IN
Internal GATE OUT from the sequencer to the synth is located at IC 8, the big flat chip.
Facing from TOP/Component Side, it's the 2nd pin on the right...

So, facing from the PCB Track side....



Proper CV / GATE INPUTS using Switch Sockets
Switching Sockets can be used to for the CV/Gate mod - so that when external CV/gate plugs are plugged into the sockets, they break the internal connections and allow the external signal pass thru to the IN points.
CV Mod with Switch Socket:

Gate Mod with Switch Socket:

Or, you can wire a switch to switch between Internal or External CV/Gate:




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