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Roland MC-202 Rack (Midi-fied)
MODS 4 - Sockets - CV Outputs

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Looking at the schematics, there are a few CV OUTPUTS that can be routed as modular sockets out.
1. EG ENV CV Output
EG Out is at Pin 1 of I.C.25

IC25 is located underneath Sw5 (ENV/GATE Switch) and the Attack Slider in the ADSR, just above the ACCENT Pot. (Very close to the VCF CV IN tap point).

Solder side - the wire with the RED marking:

2. LFO Sine CV Out
Sine LFO CV Output is at Pin1 of I.C.9 (or leg of R59)

R59 / IC9 are located underneath the PWM Slider & the SW3 (PWM Switch)

Solder Side View:

3. LFO Triangle CV OUT
Triangular LFO CV Output is at Pin1 of I.C.1 (or leg of R3)

IC1/R3 are located at the top left on the PCB, above the LFO RATE Slider and below the 9V Power Adaptor Input socket.

Solder side:



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