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Roland MC-202 Rack (Midi-fied)
MODS 5 - Sockets - Audio In's & Out's

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External Audio InputsModular Audio Outputs  |

E x t e r n a l   A u d i o   I n p u t s
There are 2 pad points for external audio. One being the VCF Source Mixer (pre-filter) and one at the VCA.
1. Ext Audio Input to VCF Source Mixer
It's quite easy - all the VCO's and Sub-Osc are mixed at the VCF Source Mixer

So either use a socket and a 100k resistor or a 100k and 100k Pot, tapped to the common point of the legs of R186 / R187 / R188.
Note: Originally I used a 1k resistor and a 100K Pot, but somehow, the isolation was not as great and it was kinda affecting the VCO TRI Pot... Also, with a 1k resistor, I get some noise.

R186 / R187 / R188 are located just underneath the Filter ENV / MOD / KYBD Sliders.

2. Ext Audio Input to VCA
This is just after the Filter section, where R147 and R148 meets and join the VCA section.

R147 / R148 are located below the Volume Pot.



M o d u l a r   A u d i o   O u t p u t s
Most of the individual VCO outputs can be tapped and routed as separate "modular" outputs. Most of them are tapped just before they reach the VCF Source Mixer, these includes the Saw / Square/Pulse and Sub Oscillator outputs. There are a few extras tho....

1. Triangle VCO OUT

The MC-202 actually uses a CEM3340 ship. Although only the Saw and Square/Pulse are actually present on the 202's sliders, the Triangular VCO is actually present on the CEM3340 chip, it just wasn't routed at all.

The Triangular VCO output is actually Pin 10 on the IC21 (CEM3340) chip.

IC21 is located just below the ACCENT Pot. Pin 10 is not actually wired/soldered to anything. So basically, just solder a wire there and you have a VCO TRi Output!

On the solder side of things....:

2. VCO Outs: Pulse / Saw / Sub Osc 1 / Sub Osc 2 / Sub Osc 3 / Sub Osc Mix

The rest of the VCO's can all be tapped from the Source Mixer sliders.

Pulse/Square Out from the Pulse Slider, Saw Out from the Saw Slider.
Sub-Osc 1/2/3 can be tapped from the Sub-Osc Switch.
Sub-Osc Mix can either be from the Slider or the Switch.

From the Solder side of things:

3. VCA Output
The VCA Out is just behind/before the Volume Pot.

From the Solder Side of things:



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