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bulletTAMA TS-305 Internal MIDI-to-Trigger
When i first attempt to add midi to this last year, i used the Emblab (Canada) trigger kit, which is similar to their TR-606 Midi Kit. However, when i ordered it, the trigger type i specified when ordering didn't match the TS-305 - so in the end that went into the Drumfire DF-500.
There exists only a few Midi-to-Drum Trigger Units that i know of. Most would need modifications. However, during the search of midi-to-trigger last year, i came across Paul Maddox's Modulus Electronics site.
Paul sells a Midi-to-trigger PCB [and pre-programmed ROM] called the MIDI2SDS, originally designed to trigger a Simmons SDS. (See also my MIDI2SDS page)
Midi2SDS II is the 2nd generation of Modulus Electronics excellent Midi-to-drum trigger kit.
Version2 provides 8 triggers along with individual LEDs and also Velocity-to-CV - so if the drum trigger input is CV sensitive you get Midi Velocity -> drum volume for example.
An email to Paul and then sent out payment, soon the PCB and the MEGA8 pre-programmed ROMs arrived.

Double sided PCB, only a few components to solder....

Only takes like 1/2 an hour to build and you can't really go wrong.
Trust me, Paul knows his designs - i mean afterall he did design the very complex Oakley PolyDAC - 4 channel Midi-to-CV converter!

Note: On this board, I soldered the LEDs to the PCB. I might eventually mount them on the front panel...
(well... i still have this metal drilling phobia.....)

From the schematics, you can see each board of the TS-305 has a connector at the end. This connector delivers +15V/0V/-15V.

We need to tap the +15V and 0V for powering the Midi2SDSII.

I soldered directly to the CN1 connector (blank) on SNARE board.

The original trigger in sockets on the TS-305 are switched sockets. They switched to earth to cut out the trigger in if no jacks are plugged in. We need to modify this - otherwise triggers from the Midi-to-trigger will not work.

Unscrew the top screws on the front panel, then unscrew the screws near the jack sockets - now the jack socket panel will come loose.

External trigger inputs are the middle jack sockets.

Remove the 3 clips that holds the sockets to the bracket. The bracket can then be taken out.

The PCB is clearly labelled, we need to de-solder the middle jack, and remove the connection of PAD C.

Jack Socket Modifications....
The Jack socket removed from each board....
We need to bend up one of the legs - the one that was soldered to PAD C on the PCB.

Then you can just wire the trigger to PAD B:

You can either leave it at that.

Or if you still want to use the socket's switch action - so that if external trigger in is plugged in, it will cut out the midi-trigger - then solder the trigger wire to this bent terminal

This is what i have done, so jacks plugged into the trigger in socket will break the internal midi.

I mounted the Midi In Socket at the original hole where the flying mains lead came out.


I mounted the MIDI2SDSII PCB on the side of the SNARE Module.


The MIDI2SDSII has 8 LED's which flash when they receive midi triggers and also they're needed for the MIDI LEARN.

At 1st, i wanted to use the 6 existing LED's on TS-305, but found that they cannot be soldered in parallel.

Unless i remove all the knobs and take out each PCB module, de-solder the LED, and solder them to the Midi2SDSII.....

I could have drilled another 6 holes for these LEDs, but i couldn't be bothered.

I'll just have the LEDs on the Midi2SDS II PCB, and not even mount the LEARN button.

I'll just have it Midi learnt and configured before i close the back panel!!


Just press the LEARN button, each LED will flash.
Press a midi note, it would learn and trigger that sound.
The next LED then lights up flashing. Press the next midi note and it will learn, learn, learn!!!

TESTING: The TS-305 in use, see the Trigger LEDs on the Midi2SDSII flashing!



The MIDI-fied TAMA Techstar TS-305

As of July 25th, 2004.



Some TS-305 Soundz

TS-305 MEMORY Soundz Basic 6 Sounds, "Memory" Presets
TS-305 Manual Soundz Just some sounds i tweaked, different to the presets
TS-305 Rough Doss Around Just dossing around, trying to hear what these soundz can do
TS-305 Midi Seq MEMORY Playing a simple drum pattern thru Midi using MEMORY Soundz
TS-305 Midi Seq MANUAL Playing a simple drum pattern thru Midi using Manual Soundz
TS-305 Midi Velocity Since the Midi2SDSII is Midi Velocity Sensitive -> CV, and it seems that the TS-305 is CV aware, playing from soft to hard....
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