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KORG 800DV (Maxi-Korg)

My Korg 800DV...

This is a huge monster - big beast. Heavy, and occupies fair amount of space....
did cause me a lot of hassle when doing modding on it...

Korg 800DV is a duophonic synth - 2 voice, essentially two synths in one - Upper and Lower, everything on the Upper section is duplicated on the Lower. VCO has extra mixer to allow a 2nd SAW wave to be mixed and includes a Ring Modulator.

Controls includes:
Korg Traveler VCF HPF/LPF, REPEAT (with Alternative Repeat), Vibrato (with or without delay), Portamento,
"Auto Bender" - this is not Pitch Bend, but in fact it adds a Bend Up or Bend Down at the start portion of the VCO. 800DV has a few controls of the Bender - it could be Up or Down, plus you can set the time for Bending, but it's not like Portamento.  This is the effect that the Japanese Synth Guru (back in the 80s) KITARO used a lot (in fact he used lots of 800DV).

Also includes a "Key Transpose" function, not actually a transpose, but, it will play different notes on the UPPER or LOWER synth, eg if 1st note played is Lower Synth, any notes played higher (while 1st note is still being held), it will play the Upper synth... a bit complicated until one actually plays with the Key Trans switches.



Normally it should look like:

But my 800DV looks like:
Knobs were changed (due to changing of the rotary switches), also, the owner before the previous owner has stuck some Dymo tapes on the REPEAT/KEY section, to indicate what's what, which is quite funny (and oldschool)!

Maxi-Korg 800DV and C Y

bulletI always knew the 800DV was like a dual Mini-Korg 700, but in fact i think it's a dual Korg 770.
bulletGot it because it's rare, and wanted to have the 700 sounds (didn't have a 700S back then).
bulletWanted to rackmount or remove the keyboard, but it's such a pain... so decided to leave it as is (for the time being). It's occupying lots of space and eating up precious space for putting other stuff.

Love & Hate of the 800DV

bulletNice soundz, dual voice, dual travelers, auto bender up or down (which causes a little slide at the attack portion), ring modulators etc....basically a doubled synth in one.
bulletVery playable, and nicely layout, after playing with it, i understand why Kitaro used it a lot.

Size is really the biggest hate factor

bulletAlthough Korg has made it so that the front panel can be flipped up and stayed handed on 2 poles, there are so many wires (must be over 300) running inside, making it a pain to mod....

bulletBought a socket kit from Analogue Solutions, but it's really nothing, cos i already have a lot of info, schematics on the 800DV, for the price it's not worth it (sorry Tom), and the Analogue Solutions sockets require you to hold down 1 key to work, otherwise external CV/Gate would NOT work. This is not good. The CV-Mod suggested on E-Lab (Japanese) site does not have this problem - and that's what I did on my 800DV.
bulletTook me a long time to do little mods, so many things happened, i even nearly broke the power supply board....(I thought i did, tuned out i blew a fuse). The metal casing is a one piece frame, hard metal, very difficult to drill as well....
bulletAlso broke a lever toggle switch, couldn't find an exact replacement, a Roland metal top lever switch would fit, I've replaced it but changing the switches requires de-soldering and removing the old switch from a tiny little PCB which it was soldered to, together with some resistors/caps and more wires, and it's not easy....
I haven't got it midi-ed yet, because it requires 2 CVs (to be ideal - although i can use 1 Midi-to-CV and control it as a stack voice synth). Also requires 4 additional Aux CV's for the HPF/LPF (again 2 for upper voice and 2 for lower). Ideally, a Kenton Pro-2 can handle all these, and can be possibly mounted inside! BUT this is KORG and requires Hz/V, my Kenton Pro-2 has no Hz/V options, but even if i add the Hz/V option, it's only for 1 maybe, i'll add 2 PAiA Midi2CV8 someday.....


C Y 's Mods on the Korg 800DV

bullet Mods1: IEC Mains Plug/Sockets at the Back , Lots of Aux Sockets, Proper CV/Gate Input
bulletMods2: Aux Filter CV Inputs, External Audio Inputs + Routings
bulletMIDI... (To Do's)



Other Links on the 800DV...

bullet The Old Korg Owner's Club has info, tips and some rough mods
bullet Richard Wolf's Site on Korg 770 and 800DV
bulletJapanese: E-Lab site has info and CV/Gate Mods Schematics on the 800DV (in Japanese)
bulletGerman: BlueBox site has 800DV info and mp3 demo sounds
bullet has 800DV Owner's Manual & Schematics download

C Y 's files on the Korg 800DV

bullet A version of the SCHEMATICS with coloured codings


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