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KORG 700S (Mini-Korg K-2)
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My 1st Korg Mini-Korg 700S (Univox K-2)...

This is like the brother of the 800DV, but in fact it's the cousin (the brother should be 770).

This 700S came like this, a bit scratched on the casing, but otherwise it's in quite good conditions;

The 700S is an enhanced version of the Korg Mini-Korg 700, with added 2nd VCO and Ring Modulator - all controlled by the extra side panel on the left.

Well, I've modded it a bit... quite a bit....  haha... spot the difference!

The Korg 700 and 700S
Korg 700 and 700S basically share the same circuit boards, except that the Korg 700S has an extra PCB inside, and also extra sliders and switches on the left of the keyboard - which is basically the additional Ring-Mod circuit.
However, the basic sound structure and the main synth and the 3 main PCBs inside are identical.

Mini-Korg 700S and C Y

bulletI always liked to have a Mini-Korg 700, or 700S. In fact i got the 800DV because i wanted to have something along the lines of a 700S.
bulletWidely used by a lot of artists, including Will Gregory of Goldfrapp. Has similar Traveler VCF Controls as the 800DV, also features REPEAT, Portamento, Vibrato, Delayed Vibrato and a slightly less controllable BENDER - 800DV you can control Bend UP or DOWN and also Bend Time, but 700S, it's all fixed, just an On/Off switch.

bulletAgain, very playable and easy to get some interesting soundz and noizes.
bulletThe casing, layout are quite nice, and less complicated/annoying as the 800DV. Just remove the top cover, remove the keyboard and side panel, all PCB's are underneath, simple.
bulletIn fact this is my 2nd 700S, I got another one but it hasn't been posted to me yet (the seller has an accident), but i also by chance got other spares for the 700S - spare filter PCB, spare VCO PCB, spare Ring Mod PCB and spare PSU board that I could actually build a rackmount 700S.
bulletAlready modded the 800DV, I know modding the 700S is not difficult. In fact i was thinking too much ahead of time!!!
I haven't got it midi-ed yet, because it requires Hz/V and I dun have any Hz/V Midi-to-CV converters here at the moment, but will definitely do so.


C Y 's Mods on the Korg 700S

bullet Mods1: IEC Mains Socket, Proper CV/Gate Inputs, External CV to VCF, Key Hold Switch
bulletMods2: External Audio Input to VCF, External Audio to Ring Modulator, Modular Outputs
bulletMIDI... (To Do's)
bulletUPDATE (July 2005): Photos of Internal Wiring
bulletUPDATE (July 2005): E-Lab Japan's Full External CV/Gate Mod details
bulletUPDATE (July 2005): My Mini-Korg 700S #2, with Proper Step-by-Step CV/Gate Mod Installation Details



Other Links on the 700S...

bullet The Old Korg Owner's Club has info, tips
bulletJapanese: E-Lab site has info and CV/Gate Mods Schematics on the 700 (in Japanese)
Vanished / gone since Summer 2004 : (
bullet has 700S Owner's Manual & Schematics download
bullet has mini-korg manuals, schematics and service manual PDFs on their Manuels page.
bullet Synth D.I.Y. com has 700S Schematics download
bullet SoundOnSound has a Mini-Korg Family article
bullet Kitaro's House Instrument Page on the 700S with which songs it was probably used on!
bulletC.S. Graves has a Korg 700 Patchwork page which has written settings for sound patches. (Beware, Angelfire pop-ups)



C Y 's files on the Korg 700S

bulletA version of the Korg 700 Schematics with Coloured Codings for easy reading!
bullet A version of the Korg 700S Additional Schematics with Coloured Codings for easy reading - the additional schematics include the Ring Modulator Circuit and the White/Pink Noise circuits

UPDATE 2005-07

bullet Photos of Internal Wiring - I have taken some photos of the internal wiring of my 700S, showing the original wirings.



Some Korg 700S Soundz

The possibilities of sounds that the Korg 700S can do are far too many. Here are just a few examples...
bullet 700S Traveler
The Traveler is basically a High Pass and a Low Pass Filter.
This is just sliding the 2 at different positions, thus changing the filter...
bullet 700S The Bender & Portamento
The Korg 700S (and 800DV) has this Bender switch. It is not a Pitch Bend. It is not portamento either. It is just to bend the start point of the sound.
This file: 1st is Normal, 2nd is with Bender On, 3rd is with Portamento On.
bullet 700S Switches
Playing the Korg 700S then turning on some of the switches
- Expand, Bright, Bender ...
bullet 700S Ring Mods
700S has the Effect section which has the 3 Ring Mod FX.
This file: switching thru the 3 Ring Mods, changing the Pitch Slider...
bullet 700S Various
So many things that 700S can do. This is just a rough dossing around, changing various parameters as the sequence is played...
-> Play ALL


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