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My KORG 770

KORG 770

Well, well, well...
Yes I know, I have many old Korg's - the 800DV, the 700S, M-500SP, MS-20 and now the 770.

I believed the 770 was the last in the 700S/800DV/Synthe Bass/Filter Pedal series, just before they released the MS-10/MS-20's, which then began that next Korg MS-series generation.
The 770 is kinda different to the 700S or 800DV, altho I have always thought that the 800DV was 2x 770s in one.

It features similar but slightly different things than the 700S or the 800DV.

bulletIt features similar but slightly different things than the 700S or the 800DV.
bulletTwo VCOs, with VCO1 that gets down to low 64'
bulletThe famous Traveler filter sliders
bulletRing Modulator in VCO2
bullet'Bend' and 'Vibrato' switches, as in the 800DV

770 & Me

Ever since I had my 800DV, and then the 700S, i always had my eyes on a 770, and that other Synthe Bass. The 770 actually doesn't come up that often on eBay or any other sites, actually a lot less than the 700S or the 800DV.
Finally found one earlier on this year (early summer 2005), price was cheap, as compared to my 700S!
Oh, but it also came equipped with Kenton Hz/V CV/Gate/Filter in sockets!

Ah well, as with other cheap bargains, things are not perfect.
Altho the 770 came as fully working, cosmetically, it's not too perfect...

1st B Key was chipped.

It's not broken, but chipped...

I figured this is not a problem, I have other spare Korg synths around that I can replace this key if I want to.

Caps on the Traveler sliders are missing.

Also, no caps on the Envelope Attack / Singing sliders.


Quite a few scratch marks...

One switch (Env Range) is broken.

This needs to be replaced.

But, I suppose, after modding my 770S and 800DV, I kinda know enuf about this era of Korg synths, so I guess, I can fix or modify this easily. So for the price I paid, and with the Kenton CV/Gate/Filter sockets, I think it's a good bargain.





LFO Speed | VCO I Pitch / Octave / Mode
Portamento Speed/Mode | Traveler LP/HP, VCF Config Switches

Mixer | VCO II Fine Tune/Pitch/Mode (+Ring Mod) / Power + Volume Control
Env Gen: Attack / Singing, Range, Mode, Sustain, Trigger Mode
Bend and Vibrato settings



To Do's
bulletReplace the broken switch and maybe the replace the chipped key, replace slider caps
bulletAdd midi - easy since the CV/Gate sockets are already there (but I do want to find out where they were tapped and put up some more info here)
bulletMaybe rackmount.
I still haven't decided, but most probably, when i got things sorted out.

19'' Rackmount idea, maybe a 2u?




Other Links on the Korg 770

bulletRavenware has a page on the 770 with manual download
bulletThe Really Old Korg site has a 770 page with original ad, and service manual in the download area.
bulletRicard Wolf's not-so-usual synth page with 770 spec
bulletAliens-Project 2005/12 Toy of the Month page featuring the Korg 770, featuring some sound samples in MP3.
bulletKenton Korg 770 Socket kit info page



C Y 's files on the Korg 770
bulletSchematics, slightly modified, cleaned-up & coloured for easier reading
bulletBlank Korg 770 Patch Sheet





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