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Syntecno TeeBee
Mark I (T303)

My (Slightly Modded) Syntecno TeeBee, Mark I



The TeeBee & Me

bulletActually, this Mark I TeeBee is my 2nd TeeBee.
bulletMy first TeeBee was actually the yellow Mark III, which I ordered direct from Syntecno, shipped out to Hong Kong. That was I think back in 1996/1997.
But since Syntecno don't make these anymore, so now they're kinda becoming rare.
bulletI used a lot of that TeeBee Mark III in Hong Kong, mostly doing some 303 like bass notes with filtering.
It was used on songs for artists like Josie Ho, and even on Faye Wong (!) plus many many other remixes such as the Lam Mega-mix, Eason Chan's remix and so on...
bulletThis 2nd TeeBee, I got 2nd hand, it's a strange Mark I - it is I think, an early Mark I, but with a v3.0 EPROM on the digital board...
bulletI added the mods as found on the Syntecno website (done late 2003/early 2004)
bulletIEC Mains socket and an internal transformer was added to the TeeBee (June 2005) so now it is wall-wart free!  Plus, it also provides additional DC 12V to power for example, a Midi Thru box!
Some features of the TeeBee
bulletThose who knows the TeeBee will know, although dubbed as one of the better Midi TB-303 clones, the TeeBee is a different beast. It can do most of what the 303 can do (minus the sequencer), but I suppose I don't really treat it as a 303 clone.
bulletThe TeeBee is very MIDI compatible. Not only that the knobs respond to Midi CC's, these big knobs also TRANSMIT Midi CC's.
bulletThe TeeBee has 4 extra CV/Gates which can be used to drive additional CV/Gate analogue synths.
bulletHas Analog input socket for internal filter processing of external audio.
bulletHas TWO Midi Thru's and also a Roland SYNC24 output for synchronizing original TB303, TR606, TR808

The Front Panel

Power Switch | Power LED | Program Button | Sqr/Saw Switch | Accent Pot (was Audio In)

The 5 Main knobs (also transmit MIDI CC's):
Tuning | Cutoff | Resonance | Filter | Decay

The TeeBee Mark I was also called T303.
The T303 logo was replaced by TeeBee logo in Mark II and Mark III.

The Rear Panel

Mono Output | 4 sets of CV/Gates Outputs

DIN Sync Out | Two Midi Thru's
| Midi In/Outs | DC 12V Power Adaptor Input

On my Mark I, the DC in is now a 12V DC Out (which can power other 500mA devices),
Audio Input socket is now located at the rear, plus an IEC Mains socket at the far right.

The Inside

Only 2 PCBs - the digital one at the rear and the analogue one at the front.
Inside my Modded Mark I, the transformer & 12V stripboard are mounted on the left.

The Digital PCB
handling power, Midi / EPROM and the CV/Gates

The Analogue PCB
handling main sound generations!

C Y 's Mods on the TeeBee Mark I

Except for the IEC Mains Socket & Internal Transformer / PSU, the other sound mods are from the download docs from Syntecno's Homepage.
bullet Accent Pot
bullet More Volume / VCA Update
bullet Accent ''Wow''
bullet Infinite Decay
bullet IEC Mains Socket + Internal Transformer / PSU


Other Links on the TeeBee...
bulletOfficial Syntecno's Homepage - contains full info and sound-clips and support!


C Y 's Files for the Syntecno TeeBee Mark I

bullet Manual for TeeBee Mark I  PDF
User manual for the Syntecno TeeBee Mark I, converted to Acrobat PDF with index for easier viewing/navigations. (~101kb)
bullet Blank Patchsheet
Blank dummy patch sheet - for "storing" patch settings!
bullet Cubase Device Panel
My Cubase SX Midi Device Panel for the TeeBee.



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