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Roland TR-606 (#2)  Switchboard LED Replacement

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Roland TR-606 with Technology Transplant UV LED Switchboard LED


Technology Transplant UV LED Switchboard for Roland TR-606
bullet Originally I thought, maybe I'll get one of these to get the blue LEDs, and also have new buttons, the ones were a little stiff.  However when I was purchasing the board off chipsforbrain on eBay, they were doing a limited run of UV LED, so this is UV rather than blue!

The BLUE LED Switchboard

The Limited Edition UV LED Switchboard

The Package
Here's how it looks like when it arrived:

Other than the PCB, there is also a bag containing:
- 3 PCB mounting plastic legs,
- 2 white connectors
- a handful of connector pins.

Close up look at the Switchboard PCB remake:

As you can see, the wires are all done with connectors.
The quality build of this board is quite high. I suppose the only differences are it's not green like the original Roland board, and the Roland board seems to be a tiny little bit thicker. The remake board could be bent easier than the original, but this isn't really a problem at all.


Note: The package doesn't contain any printed manual. Supposedly, Technology Transplant has a webpage with some instructions - but last time I checked, it was linked to a wrong Juno 106 page.

Installation is basically, a matter of removing the original connecting wires of the original Switchboard PCB, then solder the wiring pins and connectors, then plug in the new board.

Basically it's quite easy, but they don't provide a manual and u have to remember which wire goes to which.

For me, the easiest way was, I took photos of the original wiring, then remove each wire, solder in the pins, then connect to the new board referring to the photos.

Original Wiring Locations:

 [Click Images to Enlarge]


This is how it looks like after wiring up!

The 2 flat cables removed, and new connectors soldered in.

Wires removed, and connector pins were soldered.

All plugged in and connected!

Another close up look at the new connectors.

Connected, buttons in place, ready to be reassembled.

On this 606, I found that, one of the buttons is still a little stiff.
In the end I realised the stiff problem wasn't due to the switches or the buttons at all - it was actually the button holes on the panel, the positions are slightly off.
It was worse for the original Switchboard I had, quite a few buttons were stiff.
On the new remake board, only the function button was stiff.
This was fixed by slightly enlarging the function button hole by scraping off the sides using a cutter knife.



606 (#2)  with UV LED Switchboard in Action
This is how it looks like now, with the switchboard fitted.

In these photos, it looks a bit like the LEDs are blue, but they're UV!!


My 606 (#2), now with UV LED Switchboard!


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