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Karl Lagerfeld H&M Collection
Fall/Winter 2004

These pages were written in early December 2004,
when I was doing some shopping / look around (for a few friends)
for the last remaining stocks at H&M London.

K L @ H & M


Well, other than the 3 H&M stores on Oxford Street,
I remembered there's another one.
So today I visited the other store.
And as I have expected, it does still have slightly more stocks than the other 3 stores.

1. Black (Lingerie Look) Silk Dress LONG

There are actually TWO Black V Lingerie look Silk Dresses.

The Longer one....

Front                                                                        Back


Size 10 (EUR 36) / £19.99

2. Black (Lingerie Look) Silk Dress Short

The other Black V Lingerie look Silk Dress...

Front                                                                                                              Back


Size: M / £19.99

NOTE: There was no Size: S, but there was an XS.
I was gonna get the XS, but dunno why i ended up having the M...
Will go back and exchange


3. Wrist Bangle / Cuff Bracelet

Well, this is a surprised finding. Other than the ring/tie-clip, there is actually a bangle!



Size : M/L  / £7.99



4. Other Stuff

Jeans ....

There are Black and Blue jeans, but blue has less stock left.
Sizes are weird.. kinda tight...


Size 34 / £34.99

End of report / Dec 2004 ....