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Karl Lagerfeld H&M Collection
Fall/Winter 2004

These pages were written in early December 2004,
when I was doing some shopping / look around (for a few friends)
for the last remaining stocks at H&M London.

K L @ H & M

NOTE: All WHITE Tux shirt are cotton, and all XL, no other sizes left  : (

BUT... there was this.... (LAST ONE also)

1. Black SILK Tux Shirt
Size:  EUR 38 / US 8 / H&M Size 12

Sorry for BLUR Picture, Too Tired hence hands were shaking (!)


^ BACK ^                                                          £ 29.99

2. Black Leather Lariat Strap - Necklace ... Phone ... Key Chain ...


Probably same one she's wearing ?  ^^^

There are 2 versions.
There's another one which is RED instead of Silver.
These are for Staff Only.


3. Ring / Tie-Clip




This seems to be different to another ring that was once available on ebay...

But i didn't see this in any stores....


Other Facts....


1. All WHITE Tux shirt are cotton, and all XL


2. No more WHITE T-Shirt in SMALL Size.
I bought the LAST MEDIUM Size out of all 3 Oxford Street stores.
All T-shirts left are now L, XL or XXL.


3. Sizes for Dresses, Jackets/Blazer, Coats are all in strange UK sizes from 12 - 16.
Some has a label at inside collar, it is something like,
EUR 42 / US 12 But the KL /H&M Label is size 16.

SO i think for EUR 36 or 38, in KL/H&M sizes would be 10 or 12.


4. Sequined Jacket ...
In the Picture, it looks like:

In real life...

It seems that no-one buys this 珠片 Jacket.
Many people went up and said "Oh, Look at That!", then no-one dared to buy !
It does look a bit scary when it is hanging there.

Still got size 36 or 38. £79.99  (Or was it £59.99?)


5. Silk Dress...
The proper evening dress they have... 
. ..actually has a ROUND collar.

The V Collar one...
They still have some. I think £19.99
But it is more like silky Lingerie


6. Mid-Length/Long Coat...

They still have some, definitely have size 36, 38. £119.99


The normal BLACK Jacket, priced £79.99, looks kind of cheap

<- The two in front of the T-shirts

Other Stuff...

There's also another Silk shirt...

(Picture taken with phone)

This has pattern/colour similar to this dress....




2 Weeks ago, there were still many stock, even the Men's had a whole section...

This whole section is now all gone, they have even taken down the banner.
Now there's only like 1 rack, very limited stuff, 1 pair of jeans, 3 XL T-shirt, 5 knits and 5 suits.

I think either, during last weekend (the weekend before Christmas),
many people have gone shopping and bought out quite a lot of stuff.
Or, maybe they have stored away some of the stocks (?).


Anyway... end of report so far ....