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 Oakley Moog Rogue Midi 1u Rackmount

Moog Rogue in Custom 1u Rackmount with Midi!!



m o o g   r o g u e

The Rogue is a small 2 VCO analogue synth, probably the smallest of the Moog family, alongside with the Moog Prodigy.

It's very similar to the Realistic MG-1, which was licensed/designed by Moog as well.
As with all (most) Moogs, the filter has some Moog character...



The Oakley Moog Rogue

I didn't make/mod or rackmounted this. I bought this 1u Midi Moog Rogue from Oakley Sounds. Comes in silver metal 1u rackmount case...
It's very nicely rackmounted, all the pots are now nice small ALPS pots.

Original PCB, new trimmers, internal power transformer...

and it has MIDI :)

The tbDAC Midi-to-CV Converter inside...

They've put in a tbDAC midi-to-CV converter inside, the same one they do for their Oakley TB3031.


The Moog Rogue was then tuned to 0.8V/Octave to take advantage of the full 128 midi notes from the tbDAC.


Midi Channel has to be configured from the jumper switch inside.

Midi Velocity is routed to VCF.


I got it because the price was fair and i would like to see how other people have rackmounted & retrofitted these synths.


Nice, eh?
Although it's a very nice job done and i would have given it a 10 out of 10 except there are a few very minor areas that could've been better.
bulletFlying Lead - it didn't have IEC Mains Socket
bulletNo Power Switch nor Power On Indicator - there's no way of telling (by looking) if it's powered on or not!
bulletNo Midi Indicator (in fact, both the Power LED and Midi LED are lighting up inside, but these are not put to the front panel).
bulletThe external audio input socket was not wired.
bulletThere's a midi thru on the tbDAC, but it's not wired. There's only the Midi In socket.
bulletMidi Modulation -> Aux CV on the tbDAC is not wired to anything - could've route this to the VCF or Resonance... Midi Velocity is routed to VCF tho...
bulletKeyboard Octave Transpose switch was removed - this can be overcome by the wide range of the tbDAC, but when stacking up with other synth, the normal octave is an octave higher
bulletThe rear panel is not labelled



bulletIEC Mains Socket
1st thing i did was to removed the flying mains lead and added an IEC Mains Socket at the back, labelled the rear panel.

To make the IEC Mains Inlet hole, I use a screwing hand tool, which is an M10 Radius Hand Hole Cutter, 28x21mm (
RS Cat.#543-614 or or 541-501), with matching 10A Snap In PCB Mount IEC 320 Plug Socket (311-8031 or 488-191).
bulletPower Switch & Power On LED
Don't have much space left on the Front Panel, so a standard (safer) Power switch cannot be used. I decided to use a toggle switch, as these are rated 2Amps anyway, but just have to be careful about shielding.
The Power On LED was actually inside, on the main PCB. So i removed that and added a blue LED to the front.

bulletMidi Activity Indicator LED
Removed LED1 on the tbDAC and routed/wired a new LED on the front. This LED is 5V rating.

bulletAudio Input
In the original Rogue, there should be an Audio In Socket.
It's wired to Pad 6 on the main PCB (lower right hand corner) and goes to R122 which is a 18k resistor.
I found that tapping a line signal to the leg of R122 resulted in a slightly lowered level signal than the internal VCOs.  There's no space on the front panel for an extra level pot....
So i wired another 18k in parallel to R122 thus reducing the input resistance to 9k. Drilled a hole at the back for the Audio In Socket and - done :)

So now if i want external audio processed by the Filter, i'd just need to turn  down the Level Pots of VCO1, VCO2 & Noise...

bulletMidi Thru
Just drilled extra hole to house a Midi Socket and wired to the tbDAC THRU pads.
I was gonna make use of the Midi Modulation (CC#1) to Aux CV on the tbDAC, but since they've already routed Midi Velocity to VCF... I've decided not to do anything for the time being.

So now the Oakley Moog Rogue is 99.5% up to my expectance :)



Other Links on the Moog Rogue

bullet Music Control UK site has some Moog Rogue Info
bullet E-Music DIY Archive has Moog Schematics and Service Manuals which includes the Rogue
bulletGoogle search on Moog Rogue



Some Oakley Moog Rogue Soundz

Moog Rogue Lead Lead sound used in this track is actually the Oakley Moog Rogue. Slight detune/PWM on the 2 VCOs....




C Y 's files on the Moog Rogue

bulletThe Moog Rogue Schematics with little colour coding for easier read


bulletNote: Somehow, the gif (strangely) might not open in Internet Explorer (dunno why), but it is downloadable (ie, do a "Save as...")
Moog Rogue Cubase SX Device Panel
bulletI've done a Cubase SX Midi Device ''Dummy'' Panel for my Oakley Moog Rogue Rack, but I've also added the layout for the original Rogue front panel, so it could be used for virtual patch sheet / saving snapshots.
Please see my Cubase Device Panels page.





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